The East Boston Community Development Corp. is a non-profit community development corporation dedicated to enhancing the life of low income residents of East Boston. It has developed or co-developed more than 1000 units of subsidized housing and manages 700 subsidized rental apartments.

EBCDC, Inc. The Corporation grew out of the joint efforts of the East Boston Neighborhood Council, founded in the 1930’s as a civic improvement association, and the Planning Office for Urban Affairs of the Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Boston. EBCDC, Inc.’s headquarters is located at 72 Marginal Street, East Boston. The corporation is a “Grassroots Organization” with a social service budget less than $300,000. EBCDC, Inc. has a long history of providing services to the community, including elderly housing opportunities, in neighborhoods of their choice, developing affordable and accessible housing, creating economic development programs, and supporting residents of public housing facilities. The corporation’s overall goal is “to enhance the quality of life of low and moderate income residents through economic development activities.”